The Night Before Lanuti Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
The stench from the unfinished fish feast,
Permeated, like a dead rotting mouse.

Grandma, walking down the stairs,
Still wearing her Penney’s associate tag,
Discovered Jim, nestled in,
With his stereo sounds mag.

You see, she had worked earlier,
That Christmas Eve day,
Just a short nine hours straight,
Christmas Eve stay.

Together, blessed as any, and humble instead
They held each other tight
And lovingly relived,
The memories, of earlier that night,

The festive food, the laughs, the grandchildren,
The whole family and celebration,
The stories, the snowfalls forgotten,
And the three hundredth viewing of Christmas Vacation.

When to their wonder,
Who should call to wish a happy Noel?
Why, greetings from the North Pole, upstate New York,
And the very first Joe L.

Later, Grandma, most adoring,
Still wrapping packages and toys, before going to bed,
With Grandpa, already snoring,
As visions of leaf blowers danced in his head.

She could picture him now,
Out on the lawn, the noise and the clatter,
The neighbors would awake,
To see just what was the matter!

Down a bit to the south, Cindy,
Who was pregnant and feeling like an overstuffed locker,
Knew it was pajama time,
but CJ said to his Daddy, Dave, “Just one more game of soccer?”

The Lanuti house in Raleigh,
Was a completely different story,
There was no English Premier match,
And no X-box, sold for being too gory.

Why, Mia was still reading books,
And shouting carols with all her might,
And sister Morgan was resting soundly,
Clutching her paccy all through the night.

Papa John, was not making pizza,
As you might have suspected,
But expertly sampling a bottle of wine,
Not leaving even one drop uninspected.

Mommy Michele was doing laundry,
Folding shirts and folding socks,
While up the road, Jennifer,
Was still practicing just how to kick-box.

And her husband Jason, tucked away,
In his new favorite place, right by the tv,
He just sat there,
Smiling and playing his wii.

All the Lanuti’s,
Although separated by house and by location,
Were brought together with love,
And with similar vocation.

They would be sleeping by now, content as can be,
Without fortune and fame
But planning in detail, their every move,
In the mighty gift exchange game.

For Christmas would soon be here, and Penney’s would cut prices,
The stock must not fall,
Doorbusters and more,
Slash away, slash away, slash away all!

And Santa would be coming too,
Early in the morn with his big bag of booty,
But he was already here, alive and merry,
In the hearts of every Lanuti.

So, from our family to yours,
As Santa would say, before going out of sight ,
Happy Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!


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