For My Mom

The love of a mother is like no other.
Pure and gentle, constant and caring, remarkable, but true.
You spring forth life and are overwhelmed with hope.
Like a cool breeze on a warm summer day,
Like an angel filled with faith and with grace,
Like a beautiful star twinkling in the night sky.

To your children, you are everything.
Role model, nurturer, friend, and family,
Cook, teacher, hair dresser, and tailor,
Consultant, accountant, sports star, and our biggest fan.
Without you, we would be nothing.
We owe you so much.

Every laugh I’ve laughed,
You were there.
Every tear wept,
Every dream dreamt,
You were there standing close by my side.
You were there holding my hand or hugging me close.
You were there deep in my heart and steady in my mind.
You will always be there.

To your children, you are everything.
So much more than a shoulder to lean on,
So much more than someone who will listen.
You taught me my faith.
You taught me how to cook.
You showed me your smile,
And you showed me good things may take awhile.
You told me about birds and you told me about bees.
You, my Mom, you taught me all of these.

I could never thank you enough for all that you are
And for all that you do.
For all you have given and for all you have ever shared,
For the sacrifices you have made,
And the tuitions you have paid.
You are my mentor, my everything, my Mom.

This is the prayer I promise to make,
I wish you the best and more sweet memories to take.
For gifts can do you no justice and words cannot say,
How much I love you each and every day.


How Do I Love You?

(A personalization of P.K. Hallinan’s “How Do I Love You?” children’s book)
By Mia, via her Daddy

How do I love you? Well, more than just a tad.
Sometimes I even love you, more than I love Dad.
I love the way you hug me after a bath.
I love the way you always make me laugh.
I love the way you had me, instead of a son.
I love the way you wear two shirts, instead of one.
I love the way you read to me, sitting in your lap.
I love when you tuck me in, for my afternoon nap.
I love the way you push me, on my bike,
And when you take me to the park, for an exciting hike.
I love your patience, even when I’m go-go-go.
I love the way you ask me questions I already know.
I love the way you walk me, in my stroller,
And how you’ll flip when you find my first molar.
I smile when you smile, and I’m sorry when I make you mad.
And even though I love time-out, you take me outside instead.
I love the way you get my hat, to protect my hair from the wind.
And museums and gymboree, and all the crazy places we’ve been.
I love the way you play with me, building with my blocks.
And when we watch TV, man that JoJo rocks!
I love the way you let me help, anyway I can.
I love the way I get my lotion, to protect my summer tan.
I love it when I get to eat, all by myself,
And when you show me pictures, up on top of the shelf.
How do I love you? It’s impossible to say.
I’ll spend all my days,
Coming up with creative new ways,
To show you just how much,
I love you.



I don’t know what to do,
I’m nothing without you.
Home is where I belong,
Home where I can sing this song,
…And you can sing along.

When it’s night, I’m dreaming,
Dreaming about you.
Then it’s day, and I’m thinking,
Thinking about you.

Life can take me miles away,
Can take me right away.
Away from you and my girls,
My world is empty and alone,
…Until I get back home.